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Is my Family at Risk?

Unfortunately, Lyme does not discriminate so everyone is at risk – including your family pet.

Prevention of Lyme disease is CRITICAL.  Ticks can be found in ALL SEASONS & in all sorts of places both in cities and in the country.  eep in mind, not all ticks carry tick-borne disease but we can’t tell by looking which ones do so this makes prevention and early diagnosis key to a healthy future for you and your young ones.

According the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), children and adolescents make up 25% of all reported Lyme disease cases.

Outdoor activities that can increase the risk of exposure (not limited to):

  • Outdoor sports & games
  • Hiking
  • Playing in parks or other areas with long grass and/or low-lying brush
  • Close contact with animals who may have a tick; dog parks


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