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How your dollars make an impact:

  • Lyme Disease Awareness initiatives & programs that inform Albertans of the risk of tick bites and associated disease to their families and communities
  • Promotion of the importance of Prevention of Lyme & tick-borne disease via awareness materials, development of graphics for large and small-scale advertising, website, and other means as identified
  • Funding research
  • Support Programs that encompass several areas
  • Development of programs & learning materials for children
  • Design & printing of impactful informational materials & mailing across Alberta where necessary
  • Providing information to health care professionals in Alberta
  • Promotional materials that reiterate the importance of the cause
  • LDAA aspires to continue to fund Lyme-specific training to Alberta’s physicians by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) which may include travel costs
  • Creation of multi-use presentations for various age groups
  • Other projects & initiatives as they arise that solidify the objectives & goals of the Lyme Disease Association of Alberta (LDAA): Prevention. Awareness, Support!

Your gift can change the future of Lyme disease in Alberta & Canada. Thank you for making a difference!


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