Maybe a Rash?


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Lack of erythema migrans (EM) rash does not necessarily mean the body is free of Borrelia.

Myths surrounding the necessity of a rash to definitively diagnose Lyme disease are often the cause of misdiagnosis.

Research has shown that only 9% of rashes, if present, display the bull’s eye presentation.

Rashes are not always at the bite site and may be non-existent.

If you develop a rash that lasts more than a few days – Lyme disease should be considered as the cause.


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(Poll by Lyme Disease Assocaiton of Alberta (LDAA); 2016)



Current research shows that only a small subset of the strains/species of bacteria that cause Lyme disease will cause a rash of any kind. Click Here.

Of those rashes that do take on the rash form, only 9% will take a bull's eye type form. Click Here.


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Rash photos 

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Rash Variations

Rash on a 3 year old child from Edmonton area (2012)
Very clear erythema migrans/ bulls-eye rash from a Calgary woman.
Rash on a Calgary man (2012)
Probable secondary erythema migrans (Lyme Rash) & Bartonella Rash (lines), 2014, Three Hills, AB